Thursday, 22 February 2018

Cat Killed Under the Wheel of the Car Intentionally : FIR REGISTERED : Accused : Driver of Building Secretary

If you hunt our animals, We will hunt you down by the law of the country : Fir Registered under IPC 429 : Jail term up to 5 years or fine or both and rash driving under IPC 279 : Jail term up to 6 months or fine or both. You may get release on bail but you will not escape from Court justice & Karma.

Salim Charania (Private Detective & Social Worker) received a complaint from Ms Nirupa Thacker (Social Worker and Life member of Maharashtra State Women`s Council & an Animal Activist)  on 20/02/2018 that in her building La Vista at Juhu Tara, Mumbai, the brutal incident took place on 24th January 2018. The accused Santosh, a driver had run the car over on the cat intentionally with a purpose to kill, Nirupa took all efforts from Private doctors to BSPCA, to save the cat’s life, but the cat did not survive because of brutal force.  Member Nirupa approached the building Members and Committee Members to take action on the driver Santosh, but after giving enough time to committee, no action was taken on the driver for killing the cat.

Finally with a last hope, the case was given privately to Salim Charania to investigate the case and register FIR.

Salim and his activist Sonali Waghmare reached the spot of incident, collected necessary evidence including medical certificates & CCTV Footage of the building and after getting necessary evidence, the team approached Santacruz Police Station with Nirupa and explained the incident to PSI duty officer and Police Inspector, after hearing us, the Police immediately recorded statement of Nirupa Thacker. Sonali helped her in giving statement. Police arrived at the spot of incident to carry out spot inspection, there the driver Santosh arrived to take out the Secretary Mrs Gopi Mangnani’s car, Salim identified him as he was seen in CCTV and informed police about him, Police stopped the driver Santosh to take his details but whilst taking details, the secretary of the building, Mrs Gopi Mangnani arrived and interrupted the police from carrying out his work and asked him to take her details instead of the accused, she said that the driver Santosh is her employee, so the police should take her details.

It looks like the crime is organised, and it is committed under the connivance of the Secretary, since police was present at the spot, we can only assist. The FIR was in progress, so the police could not arrest the driver Santosh then. Police will soon arrest the driver Santosh and if found that the incident was leaded purposely by someone, their names will  also be included too.

The Chairman Mr Hiren Sheth of the concerned building also arrived at the spot and spoke to us about the incident and he also raised a complaint against the driver, as the driver had also passed some remark to his daughter. Salim offered him help, if he requires to file another complaint on the driver. 

The Job Assigned to Salim was only to file an FIR with evidence including the identification of the driver, which was done perfectly.  



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