Thursday, 1 March 2018

7 Puppies Killed Ran Over by Truck : Accused Arrested : VP Road Police Station : (Charni Road) Mumbai

A Painful & Horrible death of 7 puppies were observed on Facebook at CP Tank, Charni Road, Mumbai, The post was viral like a fire and all the activist worldwide were tensed and upset regarding the brutal killing of 7 lives instantly in Mumbai, Many animal activist were tagged and were seeking for help & action to teach abuser a lesson. Out of this many tag, Pawa India team was Tagged. Pawa India announced on FB that the case will be handled and action will be taken on the same day.

Salim Charania (Private Detective & Social Worker) formed a team of his activist : Sonali Gautam Waghmare, Bimlesh Navani & Jitendra Khanna to deal with the case in such a way that there should not be any option left for the abuser to escape.

The team reached the spot of accident and caught the driver, while interviewing him that how the incident happened ?, he was apologizing for his crime and was asking for the forgiveness, when we tried to make him realize that his crime is a punishable offence and he could face jail term up to 5 years, he smiled in a taunt way and was in a arrogant attitude that nothing can happen to him and he can be Scot free away with the law with the petty fines. This such cruel act, indecent attitude towards woman  & irresponsible behavior provoked us to teach him a good lesson.

He was dragged by us to police station, the duty officer and the senior inspector immediately handcuffed and arrested him for his crime and was taken to police custody for further investigation.

Sonali Gautam Waghmare (Pawa India Activist) became the complainant in this case as per Salim Charania instructions and the Fir is registered under IPC 429, 279 and PCA Act.

The local animal lover (Ruchika, Amit, Mayank, Chetna, Phalguni, with others) supported our cause and were happy with the way the case was attended.



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