Sunday, 4 March 2018

Man booked under Maharashtra Police Act for abusing animal lover on road for feeding milk to stray dogs : Case Registered : Malad Police Station

on 16th February Pawa India Team (Salim Charania - Private Detective, Bimlesh Navani & Sonali Waghmare were on the way in Pawa India Anti Animal Cruelty Van towards Borivali Police Station, while driving through narrow lanes of Malad Area,  there was a traffic a ahead and the area was covered with a crowd of 15 to 20 people. 

We were stuck in the traffic and were behind 10 cars, Salim observed that in a crowd one man named : Accused Nagesh urf (Chander) was abusing another man very loudly and was swearing at him by giving him bad words like MC, BC, etc, initially we thought that it's an personal issue between 2 and the crowd is watching them, Salim realize soon that there were 2 stray dogs sitting on road next to crowd and the issue can be of stray dogs. Salim immediately asked Bimlesh & Sonali to go by walking and find out what is the matter, the animal lover moved away from the spot from the fear of abuser Nagesh, as soon as our team reach the spot, and find out the issue between them from the crowd, it was ascertain that , the man was abusing animal lover for feeding milk to stray dogs. 

Salim quickly stop him and called him near his vehicle, but he ran towards his home, Salim asked Sonali & Bimlesh to chase him on foot and he will be there soon once he parked the van, they chased him on foot and found out his address, the abuser wife came to his support and was defending him, to our surprise he himself own the breed dog.

Salim Called police and he was taken to police station, there we explained to duty officer to booked him for his crime, he was apologizing for his crime, and was asking for forgiveness but we cannot let him go easily. He was Booked under MPA 122 case number 355/18.

The crowd was watching cowardly but no one dare to stop his abuse towards innocent animal lover who was feeding milk to stray dogs.

The animal abuser was trying to over power the innocent man and he could have abused him physically if our intervention was not there. The abuser was hot like a fire before our approach and he became cool like an ice after our intervention.  Feeling sorry for the animal lover, we cannot meet him because he moved away from fear, but if he is reading our post, he will be happy to read about it. 

Request to all animal lover, Please don't get scare of abusers, stay strong, if you can get hurt by them, remember they can too get hurt, after all they are also made of flesh and bones, even they will feel pain. FIGHT BACK 


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