Sunday, 6 May 2018

50 or 500 Cruel Society People, We are enough for you to fight against animal abuse

On 3rd may 2018, our activist Sonali Waghmare & her family were harassed by her Haware citi society coward people in a group for feeding animals. The society people came with a group of 50 people to kasarvadavali police station, thane to fight against us including a stupid high court lawyer. 

ALL these 50 society people were thrown out of the police station by a brave police officer Manish Pote & Vaibhav dhumal, These society people were nuisance and were talking shits in the police station. our team including police had a long debate with the brainless society people, which turn in to heated argument and finally the society people got what they deserve. NO RESPECT, all the society people were taken left right and center & were thrown out from the police station. 

Once again, I am sure these post will come in to the notice of society people, you are 50 or 500, Majority is not the Authority, we few activist are enough for you, and henceforth we will explain you in the language which you want to understand. This time you are left because you apologized to us, next time if we See you in group, or harassing animals or doing any illegal things, definitely each one will be dealt individually or in group. 

Our complaints are still active in police station in the form of application and it will get in to FIR, if any wrong move is made by you.

We have other people in your building who will notify us for any animal cruelty taking place in your society. Remember one thing you are dealing with our team, and our team is expert and experience in handling you and can fix you anytime, anywhere, anyplace. This is the last warning for your nuisance. DONT TAKE LAW IN HAND, OR ELSE WE WILL REPLY YOU BACK.

Many thanks to Kasarvadavali police Staff for being with the law and teaching a lesson to illiterate people who takes law in hand. if Such police officers are there in every city, the city will become crime free city.

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