Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Pawa India Filed Fir against Thane Municipal Corporation Under IPC 429 & PCA Act for intentionally killing a dog during Demolition drive.

Please Share this post to give Respect to Moti (Pet dog) who was killed intentionally during Demolition Drive by Thane Municipal Corporation. Watch Video till end....

on 5th June 2018, Moti tried to protect his  house by barking on the officials from inside the house, The TMC officials tried to throw stone and water on dog thinking that the dog will run away from the house, they broke the door, removed assets like Refrigerator, TV etc to prevent from breaking, but they did not remove Moti, because Moti was not ready to leave the house, this anger the officials present at the spot and decided to run bulldozer over the house & dog, the slab of the roof falled on Moti, Moti cried in huge pain by howling.

Most of the government officials were present at the spot, they could have removed the dog easily by calling TMC dog squad department, which is few km away from the spot of incident, but they did not attempted any single efforts and drove bulldozer further to complete demolish the house with dog cruelly & brutally. The pain & cry of moti were ignored by all the government officials present at the spot. 

None of them tried to protect Moti nor public, nor government officials. The owner & family of moti locked him inside the house assuming that, if the door is locked, TMC will not demolish the house,  and rushed to Mantralaya to urge higher - ups to stop Demolition. Moti's dead body was removed after 2 days from the fallen & completely broken house. 

Rajput Family owner of Moti Complained to Salim Charania (Private detective & President of Pawa India) and narrated the whole incident to him, Salim with his Activist Sonali Waghmare rushed to family to help them and approach to Kopri Police Station to take complaint ahead. 

Pawa India team discuss the whole incident with Senior Police Inspector Gaikwad Madam & Assistant Police Inspector Ram Gopal, The police officer supported and cooperated us to full extent. 

Following up with case for continuously on ground for 3 days, Kopri Police Station registered FIR against the Thane Municipal Corporation Bulldozer driver. Further investigation will lead to the names of the Thane Municipal &  SRA officer present at the spot, and the person, people or builder if found responsible, they will be in the names of accused, resulting in arrest with further case proceedings to the court.  

The Bulldozer himself alone can't demolish the houses, he follows the instructions of the supervisor & officers present at the spot. 

Pawa India is thankful to the Kopri Police Station for immediately taking action against the accused. The news of this incident is also highlighted in Times of India reported by Mr. Vijay Singh.   

Pawa India feels sorry & sad for the Moti who honestly tried to protect his owner house, but in front of devils, he lost his life, he himself got demolish with his house but did not gave up leaving the house. 

Pawa India will make it sure that all the accused responsible for the moti death will not be spare and justice will be served to MOTI.        

TImes of India Press 



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