Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Pawa India Solved the case of Pet Dog Kidnapped from home: Pet Recovered in less than 8 hours

Listen to the Audio : Pet Theft Case Solved on Phone 

A family of Mr.Scott from Mumbai arrived to Bangalore City to adopt a dog (Doberman) which was 2 months old, they happily adopt the dog from the owner Mr. Damodar, he happily agreed and after verification he handed over the dog to family, the family stayed at hotel for 4 days in Banglore and waited for Mr. Damodar to handover the dog, Mr. Scott took complete care of dog and got the dog with them to Mumbai and raised the dog with love & care for more 2 months, now the dog age is 4 months. 

But Mr. Damodar had some different illegal plans to get the dog back from family after 2 months, he pretended that he is arriving in Mumbai for some function and so he wanted to see the dog. Mr. Scott asked him to come down to his house in Mumbai and the family prepared food for them for lunch, and some snacks for evening so that they can have good sufficient  time with dog. 

Damodar arrived in the evening on 16th June 2018 with his another male unknown friend, Mr. Scott welcomed them at home, but here Mr. Damodor played a trick, he told family that his friend's girlfriend is in the car and she is very fond of dogs, so he is taking a dog for 10 minutes downstairs to show to a girl waiting in the car. Mr. Scott trusted him and allowed them to take the dog.

Mr. Scott family came to the balcony to see the girl, but they rushed in the car and drove rashly by taking the dog away, family waited for more few minutes thinking that they have taken a dog for a drive, after long waiting for them, the family tried to call Damodar, but he disconnected the calls repeatedly. The family immediately rushed to police station for complaint, the officer present a the station house tried to call him, he picked up the call, the officer tried his level best to get the family pet dog back again, but Mr. Damodar did not responded to the officer call well and said that he will not returned the dog. 

Next Day the family got contact details of Mr. Salim Charania (President of Pawa India & Private detective) from Ms. Nina Joshi. Salim helped the family by investigating the case and called up many times to Damodar and found his location and details through investigation on the phone, Damodar cheated the family & took the dog away from the family and went to Pune City. 

Mr. Salim warned Damodar for his crime on phone and explained him that if he did not return the dog by today, he will file an Fir against him by imposing IPC Section 378 for kidnapping dog (Theft), 452 for criminal Trespassing with other relevant IPC Section.

Mr. Damodar finally agreed to Salim's Call and he understood that he and his friend can fall in to deep trouble. So he peacefully agreed that he will return the dog. 

He hired Uber Car Service from Pune and gave the address & Contact of Mr. Scott to returned the dog, but he did not turn up himself to return the dog.

Each and every family member of Mr. Scott was upset and they did not had their meal because of the horrible incident that took place which was unexpected. The family is happy now with their returned dog. The Life is on track again.....

It is very bad to cheat someone and play with emotional feelings of family, the family raised dog for 2 months with complete love and care, there was no reason to take the dog away from the family.

Mr. Damodar understood soon, that his act was a criminal offence, and he corrected his offence by returning the dog back to the family, but he cannot flashback the mental torture and harassment that caused to the family and a pet dog. 



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