Saturday, 30 June 2018

The Dog Lost it's Life & Got Killed Brutally by Trusting Cruel Lady : Vasai Mumbai (Action Taken)

An Animal abuser got the taste of her own medicine. Instant Justice : Karma Returns  (Watch Video till end)

The dog got killed just because the dog was protecting society premises from strangers & Unknown people 

A culprit Anita Parab killed the society stray dog by winning the trust of the dog, she asked a society boy (dog lover) to greet the dog and tie the neck with the belt attached to wall, since the dog knew the kid, the dog allow him to tie the neck belt, Later she called up local 3 slum boys to kill the dog and paid the amount for the job, upon instruction and money paid to  the boys, all 3 of them killed the dog brutally by bricks, sticks and rope by strangulating and breaking the neck. 

An viral Video of animal cruelty was getting circulated with half of the above information on social media, an animal lover named MS. Melessa Nunes complained about the viral video to Mr. Salim Charania (Private Detective & President of Pawa India) to help her in the case to detect the lady, and file the case against her and other criminals for the crime committed in the video. As the offence was very serious and gruesome, Salim decided to get in to case to give justice to the innocent stray dog.

Salim with Sonali Waghmare formed a team of Pawa India and also called up an animal activist Ms. Bimlesh Navani to Manikpur Police station for the case and investigation. He asked Bimlesh to take up the case on her name and requested her to file an Fir under IPC Section 429 with other act, to which she agreed and proceeded with the legal case, in the meantime the police officer were not aware of an accused information like full name, exact spot, her details like age and contact information.with just the video the information was incomplete.

Salim decided to investigate & get all the details of the accused, He with Sonali, Nanda & Melessa (animal activist) reached the spot and found the address of the accused Anita, Salim knocked the door with the team and pretended that they are from human rights and want to help her, took her in to confidence, and she spilled out the brutal truth that how she got the dog killed in just 10  minutes by winning the trust of the dog, she played the trick with the dog, so we have to play trick with her to get her in to legal problems. The team assured her that they will take action against the dog nuisance, but she needs to sign the complaint letter to the police station. She agreed and asked the team that she will arrive in another 1 hour time time to police station. The team left the place with her complete details and handed over to the police officer. 

After an  hour, Pawa India team again communicated with her and she asked our lady activist to visit railway station instead of police station, because she was suspecting our move that why did we call her to police station on urgent basis.Our lady activist met her at the station and she started yelling at Sonali that she had wasted her lot of time in dealing with the dog nuisance case, the heated argument took place between them, and the issue got worsened.

Anita got her karma for her cruel deeds which was decided by god, Watch the video till end and she was brought to police station with lady activist. and handed over to police station for further action, police took necessary details of an accused and the Fir was filed under IPC Section 429 and 34 against the lady Anita Parab and other 3 local boys. 

Police Investigation is on and soon police will fetch information about the 3 boys from the main and primary accused Anita Parab, since she called up and she has complete details about the boys.  

The Police Officer were supportive and cooperative and even they realize that animal cruelty is an serious offence and hence it will not be tolerated so they immediately filed an Fir. We are thankful to Manikpur Police Station for immediate action.


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