Thursday, 7 May 2020

Fir Registered with the Help of Pawa India in Patan, Gujarat for Killing the Stray Dog

Fir has been registered by Patan B - Division Police Station, Gujarat. we would like to say thanks to all our fur friends who supported us  and shared our FB post which got more than 590 shares, special thanks to Ms. Manisha Salim Charania (Treasurer of Pawa India) who complaint in written to the police authority, and also special thanks to our team - Er Jignesh Chitte and Priyanku Bhatnagar for joining us in Pawa India as Smart Investigator to bring facts and information to us. Meet Amin a brave boy who stood against animal cruelty and became complainant in this case and his friend Mr. Bunty. A very big thanks to Senior Inspector and the investigation officer of this case to hear Mr. Salim Charania description about the case in details on phone. This case was almost dead with no movement, but true activism and rights give the life to justice for an innocent dog.

The accused involved in this case are Komalkumar Parmar and Ram Parmar

Complaint letter from Ms. Manisha Charania to the Police Authority of Patan, Gujarat 

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