Thursday, 14 May 2020

Good Cops v/s Bad Cops - UP Police (Animal Cruelty)

Received a complaint from one of our activist Neelam in UP that the stray dogs are regularly beaten by cops SI -  Yogesh and Pardeep, during lockdown while patrolling in their area.

The above mentioned cops are so cruel to stray dogs that they injured the dog badly, one of the cop in cctv from behind  can be seen in shadow hitting the dog.

Do the stray dogs also have to follow the lockdown rules ? where will the stray dogs live ? how they will understand the law of lockdown, even if they understand where is there your home ? They are already starving with food and water and sleeps empty stomach every minute day and night and on the top of that these cops abuse them. 

Mr. Salim Charania spoke to Senior Inspector (SHO) of concerned Police Station in UP, The Officer  was very gentle and humble while speaking to him and assured him that he will take strict action against the cop and will make them do their duty day and night and he will see to it that they get punishment. 

Because of few bad, cruel  & corrupt -cops,  the good cops also comes under bad scanner & vision. Hear and see the attached video with audio for awareness that the humanity still exist

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