Thursday, 18 June 2020

Update from Karad (Satara) Police Department for all the Animal Lover World Wide

An FIR is registered against 4 People under IPC 429, 34, Maharashtra Police Act 119 and PCA Act Section 11 A

1) Sangram Laxman Ladh
2) Suryakant Jaysingh Patil
3) Gajanan Jaysingh Patil
4) Nilam Laxman Ladh

The dogs were killed for no reason, and on statement of FIR it is written that the post of Salim Charania got viral with the incident and address details of the accused and with this information of this post, we have investigated the case and found that the animals were killed mercilessly without any reason. Upon investigating the case, the accused got rude with police department too.

All the above accused are in Police Custody, Please read this post carefully to save other animals who were abused and killed and the video on Facebook or on other social media like TIKTOK, INSTAGAM, FACEBOOK got or gets Viral. The Police can and will register FIR as Suo Moto. No need of Complainant only the Video and the address of the accused are required. This is my first Experience with Police Department taking animal cruelty case as Suo Moto Case. Please download FIR copies and other details so that it can be copy paste to other police station as FIR. We are proud of Police Department who are investigating the case seriously on animal cruelty cases. If these case gets proves in the court. All the accused can go to JAIL FOR 5 YEARS

I would Like to give special thanks to a man who shot the video and contacted me to handle the animal cruelty case. Just think if he would not have shot the video, Do the killed dogs will get justice ?

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