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We started Peace for Animals Welfare Association over a year ago when we recognised the need for a legal entity and a proper framework to perform various animal welfare, animal rights and prevention of cruelty activities.

Before we started PAWA, we were a group of animal lovers working individually in our respective limited capacities. Our activities included rescue of animals in distress, of animals which were being harassed by insensitive or cruel people, first aid to injured animals, treatment of sick animals, and in several cases, using legal methods to get justice for animals subjected to cruelty.

After forming PAWA and spreading the word about our activities, we were joined by many more animal lovers and activists. Today we have over 50 volunteers who take part in various activities, sometimes individually and often in groups.
Typically, we do the following:
* Spreading awareness about animal rights and laws that protect animals and ensure their well-being.
* Coordinating with private veterinary doctors, other NGOs with medical facilities or vets, private ambulance services, and with a network of animal lovers.
* Acting on complaints from animal lovers who have witnessed cruelty being done to animals - like beating animals, confining them in unhealthy small spaces, injuring them, running over community / stray animals, mischievous youth hurting, teasing and taunting stray animals. Depending on the nature of the cruelty or hurt, we try to sensitise the attacker (for example, youngsters who are misguided) on the one end, and on the other hand, try to get the law to bring its full force on repeat offenders, or, people who deliberately murder community animals or animals who are not legally scheduled for slaughter for meat. In our activities, we often get support from People For Animals (Delhi), especially Mrs. Maneka Gandhi. We also get tremendous support from animal lovers, from feeding, to filing complaints at Police Stations, to being a witness in animal cruelty cases.

While other NGOs typically focus only on welfare and rescue, and are medically very competent, our competence is in awareness through sensitisation and prevention of cruelty using the law.

If every Indian animal lover actually knew about the tremendous amount of power that Indian law gives in their hands to punish or prevent crime against animals, society as a whole would much better respect the right of animals to live a dignified life, free of harassment. We try to fill that awareness gap by setting examples and telling fellow animal lovers how to use legal methods to deter potential criminals from committing crimes against innocent community animals.

Our dream is to create an enlightened populace that respects the rights of animals. We aim to bring animal rights into the mainstream national discussion just as rights of women, economically weak classes and backward groups, minorities, children are discussed frequently and openly in the daily national dialogue.

When, as a country, we stop thinking of animals as things and start thinking of them as sentient beings with potential, emotions, rich lives, and fundamental rights similar to those of humans, we will have achieved a primary milestone in our own progress as a species.

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  1. Keep up the good work Pawa Team,surely very soon we will acheive our goal of spreading awarness and stop Animal cruelty.


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