Be a coordinator for PAWA

We would like to invite people from all over India to volunteer as intelligent investigators to provide honorary service to the cause of animal rights for coordinating and handling animal cruelty cases, using mainly Information Technology and Social Media via phone, email, etc.

We require people who will strictly, under all circumstances, abide by the law, behave decently with police and govt authorities, and who have the patience and perseverance to follow up every case or assignment to its completion, unless we find that there is risk involved. We do not want your assistance if you are angry, impulsive, impatient, hot-headed, revengeful or show criminal behaviour. This work involves intelligence, problem-solving skills, and persistent desire to solve difficult problems using only decent and legal methods. If you have unresolved emotional or personal problems from your childhood or youth, please do not think of using this job as a way to get back your prestige. We want emotionally stable people whose only interest is animal rights, not prestige.

While doing this work, you will support us to make a strong network and you will get support too, and you will learn a lot about laws and legal procedures, while attending cases online.

Only people who genuinely want to actively fight for rights of animals should apply as this is not like a NGO ID card that is used for your defence. Here you have to work, without gain, often against evil people who are animal haters and sometimes even corrupt people in animal welfare. Do not be persuaded against your wish to do this work, and do not enter the field if you are not a fighter with integrity. If you don't have the capacity to handle personal legal risk and criminal people, then this job is not for you. 

There is plenty of in-fighting in animal welfare. We want people interested in only animal rights, not people interested in name, fame, glory, money, power, position, gossip, thrill, revenge, or acting as agents and pawns for other people who like to play politics from behind the scenes. If we find that someone joins us while secretly acting on behalf of or under the provocation or influence of someone else with an agenda, we will ensure that strict legal action is taken against such conspirators under sections for breach of trust and other relevant serious offences.

Our way of working is that we distribute the entire process between 2-3 volunteers according to their skills and strengths. This means that each member of the team will have to do one part of the whole process to reach a common goal. Hence, this role is only for a select few people who will be able to trust us with the assignment given, without asking for all the details or the whole picture. We require this because we have experienced, in many cases, that people whom we trust with full information, have revealed our legal action plans to the criminal party and destroyed the entire process of justice for the animal, e.g. by feeding false information to the police so that they are biased against animal lovers, by tipping off the criminal about legal action, etc. Under no circumstances must you upload or share any details of an assignment given to you at any time, without permission from us. If you want full transparency of every assignment, then this job is not for you.

Please note that your data given to us is confidential and we never share your information to any one. Also, whatever work / assignment is given to you, will be kept confidential and we will work without revealing confidential details to others. This is for your own convenience, safety and security.

If you agree to all these conditions, and still want to join us then please fill out this form:

If we find no reason to doubt your integrity, and we find that your skills are of value to us, then we are happy to have you work with us.

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