Expenses we currently incur

We are a Non-Governmental Organisation comprised entirely of animal lovers who work strictly voluntarily at the moment. We have to spend a significant amount of time and money in our investigations, getting justice for animals and for setting examples for future cases by getting FIR registered against criminals which are useful for other animal NGOs or Police to use in other cases.

Some of the expenses we incur routinely (almost daily) are as follows:

1. Legal expenses:

1.1 Animal is injured:
When we get a complaint that an animal has been injured, we have to reach the spot, pick up the animal, take it to a veterinary doctor to certify the nature of the injury, as required by IPC Section 428 and then with that certificate we can file an FIR against the culprit.
This involves
- Transport / Fuel expenses typically between Rs.200 - Rs.500
- Medical fees of the veterinary doctor. Sometimes the complainer bears the expenses, so we do not have to pay for it, but otherwise, we have to pay first from our own pockets and then either we get reimbursed later or we do not.

1.2 Animal is killed:
When we get a complaint that an animal has been killed, we have reach the spot, call up the Police on the hotline 100, get a Panchnama done on the dead body, and then arrange for the dead body to be sent to the BSPCA for post-mortem and freezer storage if the post-mortem cannot be done immediately.The post-mortem is done in the presence of Police and therefore we take the Police with us to BSPCA for post-mortem. After the post-mortem is completed, and the post-mortem report confirms the death was due to the suspected reason of cruelty, then the police will register an FIR against the culprit. Meanwhile the body of the killed animal has to be disposed off properly as well. We have to pay for this too.
In summary, costs involved are:
- Transport to the location of crime
- Transport of body to BSPCA in an ambulance - Fuel cost of Rs.200 - Rs.700 depending on location of the incident
- At BSPCA, freezer charge of Rs.500 per day (typically only one day, but sometimes more)
- Transport of Police to BSPCA the next day for post-mortem - same fuel cost of Rs.200 - Rs.700 depending on location of the incident, as above
- Post-mortem cost of Rs.300
- Proper disposal of the animal's body after post-mortem - Rs.300 - Rs.500

In addition to above legal procedure expenses, the following expenses are also incurred for animals that manage to survive the acts of cruelty:

2. First Aid for animals subjected to cruelty - anywhere from Rs. 100 to Rs. 3000 depending on the state of the animal, urgency of treatment and availability of veterinary help. Often NGOs focussing on first aid and rescue have timings and procedures, or are filled to capacity, and our cases need immediate action. In such cases immediate rescue followed by paid fostering for a few days or weeks is the only solution we have and we need to arrange funds immediately, which is mostly from our pockets.

3. Transport of rescued animals - Sometimes the situation demands that we have to transport the attacked animal permanently to a long term shelter or farm in areas around Panvel, Karjat, Pune, etc. The police insists in such cases that we give them written confirmation that the animal will reach the said long term shelter on the same day itself. Again these costs vary from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 4000 depending on the ambulance / vehicle avaliable and the distance of the farm.

4. Office expenses - Apart from these expenses, we need to spend on stationery, pamphlets for awareness creation, cellphone bills, documentation etc.

5. Future plans - We are planning to scale up operations and hire a permanent employee to attend to calls, investigate complaints of animal abuse, follow up in Police Stations, send notices to societies who harass animals or wrongly ban pets. This employee will need a salary even though he will be a very motivated person in the field of animal rights and animal welfare.

6. Supporting local caregivers - Some of the animal lovers who associate with us are not very well off - they live in chawl homes, shanties, or have only part-time jobs. However, they have large hearts and feed anywhere from a few to few dozens of animals daily. These are the truest of animal lovers who are hardly ever talked about in the news or on social media like Facebook.

Help us by paying for our services :

For the above reasons, we request your help by paying for our services.

We do not make a profit in any of our activities.
By paying for costs, which we currently bear from our pockets, you will be helping us provide legal assistance and protection to more animals and animal lovers.

We will shortly be providing bills for our rescues and legal expenses to clarify the detailed breakups of our costs.

Apart from money, we accept the following as payment also:
- usable equipment
- vehicle (car or van), in good working condition, which you are not using
- discount on animal first-aid medications
- packets of dry animal food
- raw material to cook food for animals
- scrap newspapers or other scrap items which can be converted into cash for feeding animals and medicine - especially to help the animal lovers and feeders who live in chawls and slum areas.

For making donations, it can be transferred through Paytm Mobile Number 9029468975  or it can be deposited in to the below account 

We would prefer NEFT as it is fastest and does not take us time and hassle to collect funds.
Our NEFT details are as follows:
A/c Name:  Peace For Animals Welfare Association
A/c No:       001901023419
Branch:      Mira Road, Surya Shopping Centre, Mira Road, Thane-401104
NEFT / IFSC Code: ICIC0000019
Bank - ICICI

Communication Address : PO BOX NO. 68, Mira Road East, Thane - 401107
Contact : 0091 9029468975
Email :  

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