Help Shelter Animals

For the past 4 years, we have been running an animal shelter having many dogs and cats that we have adopted which are abandoned, blind, injured, handicapped or rescued. In addition, we provide food and medical care from our shelter to about 70 stray dogs who depend on us for daily food and treatment.

The recurring expenses for the above activities are high. Therefore, if you wish to help these animals and thus help us to focus on animal rights, then we request you to consider helping out with whatever amount you feel fit towards this cause.

The following are expenses we regularly incur:

At the following rates:
1 bag of rice (25 kg) = Rs. 700/- approx
1 bag of Smart Heart dog food (20 kg) = Rs. 2500/- approx
1 box of Pedigree Wet Dog Food Pouches (30x80g) = Rs. 1050/- approx
1 bag of Whiskas cat food (7 kg) = Rs. 1600/- approx
1 box of Whiskas Wet Cat Food Pouches (48x85g) = Rs. 1680/- approx

Our monthly food requirements are as follows:
6 bags of rice (25kg)
10 bags of Smart Heart dog food (20 kg)
3 boxes of Pedigree Wet Dog Food Pouches
1 bag of Whiskas cat food (7 kg)
1 box of Whiskas Wet Cat Food Pouches

Medical expenses (monthly) = Rs. 2,000/- approx

To help us out you can PayTM or Google Pay to the mobile number 9029468975.
Or, you can transfer money via NEFT / IMPS to our ICICIBank account whose details are as follows:
A/c Name:  Manisha S Charania
A/c No:       041201506491
IFSC Code: ICIC0000412
Bank:         ICICIBank
Branch:      MUMBAI - VERSOVA

Please do not send bags of food, supplies or stocks of medicines, as we do not wish to waste time on verifying the safety and quality of products or supplies sent to us. We have had experiences with stale and spoilt food, expired medications, tampered goods, etc, which are of no use and possibly risky.

Please note that the shelter is owned and run by Mrs. Manisha Salim Charania, which is separate from the NGO PAWA India, which focusses on Animal Rights Activism. The amount you donate will go to the account of Mrs. Manisha Salim Charania.