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In the field of animal welfare and animal rights, in the present circumstances, there is always a need for help and participation from animal lovers and the general public.

We encourage you to come forward and participate in any way you can.

Documents needed for paid membership:

1. 1 recent passport-sized photographs
2. Photocopy of Identity proof - e.g. Driving Licence, Aadhar Card, or Passport

Members can email the above document at or can whatsapp us on 9029468975

If you become an official member of PAWA, you will get a soft copy of ID card, which you can print and laminate it. The membership fee is Rs.300/- or can be donated to any amount, such donation will be used for the expenses of shelter animals,  The card is valid for 1 year at the end of which it has to be renewed.

The donated amount can be deposited to the below account or the amount can be transferred through Paytm Mobile Number : 9029 468 975
For making payments, please perform an electronic fund transfer.
We would prefer NEFT as it is fastest and does not take us time and hassle to collect funds.
Our NEFT details are as follows:
A/c Name:  Peace For Animals Welfare Association
A/c No:       001901023419
Branch:      Mira Road, Surya Shopping Centre, Mira Road, Thane-401104
NEFT / IFSC Code: ICIC0000019
Bank - ICICI

This package will help you in the following ways:

1. The ID card will help you deal with majority of casual objectors while performing basic activities like feeding, attending to stray animals & filing animal cruelty case at police station

2. If your Housing Society or Residents Welfare Association creates problems for animals or disallows feeding of strays, then such legal information is useful when writing a formal complaint letter to your Housing Society or RWA.

3. Most importantly, people around you who harass animals or harass you because of animals will know that you have the backing of an action-oriented NGO. If the above 3 options do not work, then we will stand by you throughout your animal cruelty case.

Please give us 1 working days to process your application.

If you do not wish to become an official member, here are some other ways that you can help animals -

1. Volunteering with our group and participating in our activities.

2. Reporting cruelty on animals. Note that we have limited manpower at the moment and so we will need your help and willingness to stand by your report when we approach the police for legal action.

3. Helping us by attending to the rescue of hurt, sick or injured animals in your vicinity. Note that these should be animals who know you, or else you risk adding to the worry or pain of the hurt animal. Calling up well-known animal rescue NGOs is also a good idea. For this you need to build a list of animal lovers and NGOs in your vicinity.

4. Promptly informing the local Municipality of un-sterilised community / stray animals (typically dogs and cats). The single biggest factor indirectly contributing to cruelty on animals is that they breed at a high rate and thus their larger numbers cause more potential for abuse from evil, shallow or indifferent people. For example, if the entire dog population of an area is sterilised, then for a decade or so (the average lifespan of an Indian stray is 12-14 years) there will be no puppies, no territorial fights among dogs. Also when there are fewer puppies, there are fewer cases of puppies being crushed under vehicles.

5. Joining protest marches or awareness campaigns which we organise from time to time in areas where cruelty to animals is high. These are often areas where education is low or poverty is high.

6. Spreading awareness through online social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and mobile platforms like WhatsApp.

7. Creating awareness in your local area, housing society, or residential area about the law regarding animals and how it is in favour of community animals

8. Donating to our NGO in order to help us bear the costs needed to operate and conduct legal action.


  1. I am so touched with this website and the volunteers involved with this noble cause. I am very proud of you dear Sameer !!! What can I say, I am always here to help if there is anything I can do for you apart from giving you free water bowls for our strays!!! Let's start our big animals project soon! Warm Regards, Sarita

  2. Sure madam, let me know ur ideas and anything to change for animal welfare. We will do our best to bring it

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    plzz help me out
    how can i join u

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  6. Can people living outside Mumbai also apply for membership?

  7. really great.....all the best and God Bless the team..

  8. Where Should I send my Documents to become a official member of PAWA?

  9. I stay at ulhasnagar. I am the principal of st. Paul degree college. You guys are doing really good work. Do you have any office on the central line? Antony Lawrence

  10. I stay at ulhasnagar. I am the principal of st. Paul degree college. You guys are doing really good work. Do you have any office on the central line? Antony Lawrence

  11. I stay at ulhasnagar. I am the principal of st. Paul degree college. You guys are doing really good work. Do you have any office on the central line? Antony Lawrence

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  14. To All Who is Askn How to Join it is Already Writen to Send Information on


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