Get your NGO ID

Documents and details needed for NGO ID :

1. 1 recent passport-sized photograph
2. Photocopy of Identity proof - e.g. Driving Licence, Aadhar Card, or Passport
3. Tell us how you are involved with animals, how many animals you have helped, how many animals depend on you, for how long you have been helping animals, your views on animal welfare and animal rights, for example, about cruelty done to animals and how it should be handled, and such other details related to animals.

Email the above documents, details and your mobile number to .

Note that the person who wishes to get his/her card must apply themselves. 
Applications on behalf of another person will not be processed.
After review, a soft copy of PAWA ID card will be emailed to you, which you can print and laminate. 

We request you to donate Rs.300/- or any amount you see fit, for processing the ID card request and for the expenses of shelter animals for their food and medicine. We request you to consider donating at least once annually, so as to help us carry on our shelter and focus on animal rights activism. The NGO ID card is valid for 1 year, at the end of which it must be renewed.

The donation can be deposited to the below account or the amount can be transferred through Paytm or Google Pay to the Mobile Number : 9029 468 975

Please also provide a screenshot of the donation you have made in the email above for future reference.

We prefer NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) as it is fastest and does not take us time and hassle to collect funds.

Our NEFT details are as follows:
A/c Name:  Peace For Animals Welfare Association
A/c No:       001901023419
Branch:      Mira Road, Surya Shopping Centre, Mira Road, Thane-401104
NEFT / IFSC Code: ICIC0000019
Bank - ICICIBank

The ID card will help you deal with majority of casual objectors while performing basic activities like feeding, attending to stray animals & filing animal cruelty cases at police station.

We will give you free guidance on phone or by email for legal issues related to cruelty on animals.

Please NoteDuring the period of lockdown, please use this ID only for feeding and emergency services for animals in distress. Please follow the Government Protocol or any new rule and law updated by local, state or central govt authorities before using this ID.

During lockdown, do not travel for long distance with this card, only in the emergency like taking animal to hospital, otherwise feed in your premises and, in and around area, subject to any local rules and regulations applied to COVID-19 hotspots or sealed areas.

Please note that this NGO ID is not an Essential Pass. Obtain an Essential Pass from your local police station / Municipal Corporation / online, so as to travel for long distance 

You can Show Circulars of AWBI, Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, BJP MP, and Hon'ble Prime Minister's Video Speech where  they clearly state to take care and feed animals during Lockdown Period. You can show these relevant contents to any authorities or people or person whoever objects to your feeding and taking care of animals in distress.

If and when lockdown is lifted, then and only then, do we recommend the use of NGO ID card for any other purposes related with animal rescue. 

Do not break the local, state or central govt laws while using our NGO ID card under any circumstances.  If it is found that anyone is misusing this ID for illegal purposes, we will approach concerned police station to take action against the same.

Please report us or call us if anyone found misusing the ID at email address : / +91 9029468975


  1. I am so touched with this website and the volunteers involved with this noble cause. I am very proud of you dear Sameer !!! What can I say, I am always here to help if there is anything I can do for you apart from giving you free water bowls for our strays!!! Let's start our big animals project soon! Warm Regards, Sarita

  2. Sure madam, let me know ur ideas and anything to change for animal welfare. We will do our best to bring it

  3. i have reported abt the cruelty of hit & run case bt still i cant see any reply from pawa......... plsssss help

  4. I really wish to be a part of this organisation..
    plzz help me out
    how can i join u

  5. How i join with you???? and where i send my details ???

  6. Can people living outside Mumbai also apply for membership?

  7. really great.....all the best and God Bless the team..

  8. Where Should I send my Documents to become a official member of PAWA?

  9. I stay at ulhasnagar. I am the principal of st. Paul degree college. You guys are doing really good work. Do you have any office on the central line? Antony Lawrence

  10. I stay at ulhasnagar. I am the principal of st. Paul degree college. You guys are doing really good work. Do you have any office on the central line? Antony Lawrence

  11. I stay at ulhasnagar. I am the principal of st. Paul degree college. You guys are doing really good work. Do you have any office on the central line? Antony Lawrence

  12. Sir as i am animals lover and would like to do something for them i am willing to be a member of pawa do pls tell me how can i be a member of pawa

  13. i want to join in this Peace for Animals Welfare Association but how i can take this join

  14. To All Who is Askn How to Join it is Already Writen to Send Information on


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