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Update: We now have a form which you can use to report cruelty on animals. Please scroll down to the form below.

If you are a regular visitor to our site you may have realised that our energies are devoted chiefly towards preventing and legally solving cruelty to animals. If you witness cruelty on an animal, then please do not hesitate to write to us.

We need the following details, true to the best of your knowledge:

1. Your name and contact number.
We need these so that we can coordinate a rescue or legal action with you. Your personal identifying information will not be shared with anyone, it will remain know to us only. Cruelty cases and all information related to them are handled by a group of life-long animal lovers, trusted volunteers and AWBI or High-Court appointed Animal Welfare Officers who are active in preventing cruelty.

2. A complaint letter detailing the act of cruelty.
We would ideally prefer as exact details as possible, of the cruelty or harassment on animals that you have personally witnessed.
Please do not report rumours, as rumours have no basis or value in the legal system.
We would like it if you have some documented evidence like a photo or a video or audio clip which indicates the act of cruelty as well as date and time of the event. However, if no such hard evidence is possible, but you are willing to complain in writing and stand by it, then too we can investigate and take action on the criminal.
The letter also helps serve 2 purposes: It prevents false complaints to harass animal lovers (yes, quite a few educated and middle class people engage in such behaviour). It is the entire basis for legal action, as we are a third party and need some justification to perform actions needed to just investigate.

3. If writing a letter and posting it is an inconvenience, email will also do as a form for complaint. However, it should be a valid, reasonable email id that you use in your official online activities, like banking or tax work, or simply your primary email id.
Temporary or disposable email addresses can be created by anyone with any motive at a moment's notice, and thus do not serve any useful purpose in supporting us in our action against the perpetrator.

If you would like it, we could publicly mention your reporting of the crime after the culprit has been booked or penalised and his case handed over to the justice system. This encourages other people to come forward and complain against animal cruelty. However, occasionally, in some cases, there might be some risk to you in the future if your identity as a fighter for animal rights is publicised. So we leave that decision to you.

We post videos, photos and copies of FIR (First Information Report, complainant's name is blurred out) of rescues and punishment given to culprits as much as we can, with the aim of creating awareness, but we do not post parts of videos or photos that disclose the complainer's identity.

Housing societies and community / stray animals

The issue of housing societies creating problems for animals and animal lovers is a common one. Almost every housing society has stories where animals and animal lovers are troubled by a group of people who do not respect either the rights of animals or the laws related to animals.

The page on how to deal with housing societies creating problems for pets and animal lovers treats this topic in depth.

Form to report cruelty on animals

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